Currently, PCAP is implementing training on saving and loaning via Women VICOBA Group to about 320 women at Ngoile sub-villages. Collective saving enables women to secure money to cater to basic family needs and where there is sufficient money they took the lowest interest loans to start petty businesses like food vending and selling of cultural ornaments to tourists.

Village Community Banks (Vicoba) initiatives were started at the very heart of an organization as a basic way to reduce economic poverty among rural women. The rationale of the initiative is self-help through savings by women themselves without relying on financial compliments from external sources (donors and other supporters). Training on basic financial saving and management was subjected to women before loans were provided, also frequent visits for supervision were administered.

PCAP in Partnership with WTWT has done its first Economic empowerment initiative where the intensive assessment of basic criteria to be given a loan was administered and 16 Women loan groups qualified to be considered for implementation. 16 women Vicoba groups with a total number of 320 direct women beneficiaries were first organized, visited, and taught the importance of saving both individually and as a group, collectively.